Condom torn

You use a condom but during or after sex you notice that it is torn. You used the condom for a reason, so you wanted to protect yourself and/or your partner from STDs and/or pregnancy. In this article, we advise you on what steps to take next, and read more about how a condom can tear and how to prevent a condom from tearing.

Condom ruptured and not on the pill. Am I pregnant now?

If you as a woman are not on the pill or another form of birth control, then you run the risk of becoming pregnant if the condom is torn, even if the man has not cum inside you. This is because pre-cum also contains sperm cells. It is advisable to get a morning-after pill and take it as soon as possible. Preferably within 24 hours, but at the latest within 72 hours. The morning-after pill is available at a pharmacy or drugstore for about € 15,00. You do not need a prescription from your doctor and there is no age limit.

Condom ripped. Do I now have an STD?

Unfortunately, you won't know for sure until you've had yourself tested. Unless you and your partner have recently gotten tested and haven't had any unprotected contact since, and are therefore definitely STD free. In fact, you can have an STD without even noticing it, so don't take any chances. The easiest way to get tested for an STD is to see your doctor. They will explain to you how and when to do which tests.

Don't want to go to your doctor? Then you can go to a GGD STD clinic or do a self-test. A self-test is less reliable than an STD test from the GGD STD clinic or your family doctor. We therefore advise you to have an STD test done by them.

An STD test for chlamydia or gonorrhea infection can be done 2 weeks after unsafe sex. After 3 months, you can get tested for HIV, syphilis or hepatitis. So until you get the results of these tests, it is advisable to use a condom because you are not sure if you might have an STD.

How can you prevent a condom from tearing?

Condoms are extensively tested and do not tear easily. The material is sturdy and very stretchy. However, because it is so thin, damage is easily done. The biggest cause of tearing is therefore damage during storage and/or use. How a condom can tear and how you can prevent a condom from tearing is explained in the following overview.

1. Failure to comply with quality conditions

Condoms can break if you don't pay attention to the quality requirements that a good condom must meet:

Cause: Condom not CE marked - Solution: In Europe, condoms must have a CE mark, then they meet safety and quality requirements. Pay attention to that when you buy a condom. Wingman Condoms have a CE mark.

Cause: Expired date - Solution: A condom has a shelf life of between 1 and 5 years, after that the quality decreases. Check the date on the package.

Solution: Store your condoms in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Cause :Damaged when opened. Solution:Tear open a condom along the edge and do not use sharp objects to do so.

Solution: Also be careful with sharp objects such as jewelry and nails when putting on and touching the condom. Tip: The design of the Wingman Condom prevents you from touching and thus damaging the condom!

Cause: In combination with wrong agents - Solution: Condoms do not mix with creams, oils and fats, use only suitable lubricants. Tip: Wingman lubricant.

2. Using a condom incorrectly

In addition to damage, misuse is also a reason for tearing. This involves stretching the condom too much/too locally:

  • Too little space in top and air: The tip, or reservoir, of the condom should be air-free and have enough space to accommodate semen.
  • Used too long: After 15-20 minutes of heavy use of a condom, it becomes less reliable and it is wise to grab a new one.
  • Misuse: Accidentally trying to unroll a condom on the penis the wrong way around causes pre-cum to get on it. If you then turn the condom over, that pre-cum is on the outside and comes in contact with your partner. In addition, repeated stretching of the condom (which can happen when you try to unroll the condom the wrong way) is grounds for damage.

Wingman has solved some of the usage problems by putting wings around the condom that you use to put the condom on. You can easily feel what is top and bottom and the spout stays airless by itself.