Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Wingman Condom

Can the Wingman be used by everyone?

The Wingman condom can be used by anyone who wants to have oral, vaginal or anal sex in a safe way. As with other condoms, we recommend using extra lubricant during anal sex to reduce friction.

The Wingman condom is currently available in one size, namely 56mm. However, every man is different. And for the best form of safe sex, the width of the condom is important. Because a condom must fit snugly, not too tight, not too loose, so your penis may need a special size. The Wingman condom is available in the most common size in northern Europe: a nominal width of 56 mm. This is the width of the condom measured when the condom is lying flat on the table. Most standard condoms in northern Europe have a nominal width of 52-54 mm, so Wingman is slightly wider and therefore better suited to the average penis size of northern European men. This width size of 56mm is optimally suited for a penis with an erection circumference of 11.5 to 12 cm.

It is also a matter of trying, just like with clothing. So buy a box, a small package if you have any doubts. If they don't fit, give them to someone else. Unfortunately, Wingman does not offer a solution for people with a latex allergy. There are plastic condoms on the market from other suppliers.

Is the Wingman easy to use?

Wingman is actually very easy to use. All you need is a hard penis and one hand, you can also do it with two hands if desired. The clip ensures that you always have the right side up and you no longer have to squeeze the tute. If you want to be sure that everything goes well, you can always try out Wingman.

Can Wingman be applied by men and women?

Yes, Wingman can be applied by both men and women. The woman will logically do this from a different angle, but this of course does not matter. Everyone can decide for themselves the most pleasant way. This can be done with one or two hands. The only thing that matters is that only the wings are grabbed and the logo points upwards. That is also why Wingman is so much better than other condoms.


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