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Wingman Intimate Water-based Lubricant

Wingman Intimate Water-based Lubricant

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Make it extra extra smooth
In addition to making those annoying interruptions nice and smooth, Wingman is also your wingman during your intimate moments. Wingman water-based lube helps your love making to be smooth, comfortable, and pain-free. Easy to apply due to the pump and doesn't feel cold. Another advantage: it’s not sticky and it hydrates the skin. Don't worry about parabens, perfume, scent, color, or flavorings, because none of that is included. Furthermore, our lube is not only smooth for you, but also for the animals: our lubricant has not been tested on animals. Of course, our lube is perfectly suitable to combine with our condoms.

How does it work?
Invite a person of choice into your bedroom (or wherever you please) and apply the desired amount of lubricant to the area that could use some extra smoothness. Due to the water-based formula, the lubricant has a light and fine texture, which is also neutral on the skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin, so use more if you think it's necessary.

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