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Wingman ultra-thin | 48-pack

Wingman ultra-thin | 48-pack

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So smooth is your Wingman

Make that annoying interruption nice and smooth. And get back to enjoying yourself instantly.

Wingman is your wingman. Almost no interruption, safer use, better feeling, and thus more fun. Now you'll understand why we call them Next Generation Condoms.

Wingman is extremely easy to apply due to the convenient clip, even in the dark. Whether you use both hands or only one hand, you only need two seconds. Super smooth. That handy clip allows us to make the condom even thinner. This, in turn, makes for a much more pleasant experience because you don't have to touch the condom, which eliminates the risk of tearing it. And that is far superior to any traditional condom. What else could you want?

Easier One-handed use and ready to go within 2 seconds, even in the dark.
Thinner Extra thin, so a lot nicer feeling.
Safer No hand-condom contact, airless nipple, and therefore never wrong.

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