First time anal sex: what to look out for

Are you curious about anal sex but have never done it before? Exciting!!! In this article we give you some tips to make anal sex as enjoyable and safe as possible. Furthermore, we explain to you how to prevent STDs with anal sex and what to look out for next when buying a condom.

Tips for fine anal sex

Anal sex is sex where the penis goes into the anus. If you are curious but have never done it before, we have listed a few things for you to watch out for:

  • Before having anal sex, it is nice to have defecated and washed the anus outside and a little inside. You better not be averse to a
    bit of poop or a fart, as there is a chance that some may escape.
  • Start gently by stroking and putting your finger a little inside the anus. Use
    saliva or lube to make it go smoothly and give each other time to relax.
  • Go deeper and possibly with more fingers in the anus to stretch the sphincter a bit and spread the lube well, then the penis can enter as smoothly as possible after that.
  • Then you can slowly enter the anus with the tip of the penis. At the first touch, the anus squeezes. This is a reflex of the sphincter muscle. Wait a moment, then continue
    after that. Does this still feel good to both of you? Then you
    can slowly go a little deeper and a little faster into the anus.
  • Always use (extra) lubricant, the anus does not make fluid and the skin is very sensitive and gets injured quickly.
  • Use a new condom when going from the anus back to the vagina. Or wash the penis first if you did do it without a condom. Otherwise you can get nasty infections
    from the bacteria from the anus getting into the vagina.
  • Not working out? Don't force it, try again another time, being relaxed is very important for anal sex.
  • Don't like it? Then say so and stop. You don't have to like everything.
  • After anal sex, the recipient may experience some extra farting, feel an urge to have to poop, your anus feels a little "open" and wet, and you may have a slightly burning sensation. That burning sensation should go away within a day or it
    may indicate an infection.
  • After anal sex without a condom, the penis should be washed thoroughly.

Can you get an STD from anal sex?

Yes definitely. Anal sex is different from vaginal sex because of the lack of vaginal fluid and the presence of sphincters. As a result, anal sex involves a lot more friction than vaginal sex, so using lubricant is recommended. The friction quite quickly creates small wounds on the sensitive skin of the anus and thus the risk of infection with an STD or HIV is extra high.

In casual contact, the use of a condom is therefore highly recommended. Even in your steady relationship you should pay attention to hygiene; do not switch from anal to vaginal for example (risk of bladder and other vaginal infections) and wash well afterwards so that any wounds do not get infected. So a condom can also be more pleasant in your relationship for hygiene and not having to dive into the shower in between.

Characteristics of a safe condom for anal sex

If you are going to use a condom for anal sex, pay attention to a few things:

  • Use a condom with the CE logo, these comply with European guidelines. Basically, all condoms with CE logo can be used as anal condoms as long as you use enough lubricant. Because anal sex involves more friction,
    extra strong condoms provide more security.
  • Use lube, and don't be too economical. Not all lubricants are suitable for
    anal sex. Use neutral water or silicone-based lubricant. No
    lube or condom with spermicidal and bactericidal "Nonoxynol-9," or lube
    with a tingling or warming effect.
  • Grab a new condom after 15 min of anal sex. This is because the risk of tearing increases with prolonged use.
  • If you change from anal to vaginal or oral and vice versa, change condoms as well. So make sure you have several condoms on hand, at least 3. And add
    lube again when you change condoms.

Can Wingman be used for anal sex?

The Wingman condom can be used by anyone who wants to have oral, vaginal or anal sex in a safe way. Wingman is an ultra-thin condom and therefore not specifically made for rough and anal sex, but it can be done if you use enough lubricant.