STDs and oral sex

Oral sex is a nice way for many people to get extra aroused. Research by, showed that two thirds of the Dutch find oral sex a good addition to their sex life. What many people forget, however, is that oral sex can also cause an STD, or worse. In this article we explain what kind of STDs and diseases you can contract, and how you can easily prevent them.

Blowjobs and STDs?

Yes. Most STDs are also transmissible through blowjobs, including the STDs that are most common in the Netherlands: chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis. Both for the person giving a blowjob and the one being sucked are at risk of contracting an STD. In addition, the viruses Herpes (cold sores and Herpes Genitalis) and the HPV virus (genital warts and increased risk of cervical cancer) are also transmissible through oral sex. STDs can sit on the mucous membranes of the sexual organs as well as the mouth and throat. The contact between the mucous membranes of the penis and mouth, along with pre-cum, and possibly semen and blood, allows for transmission of the STD.

How can you give blowjobs safely?

Are you having oral sex with loose contacts? Then it is wise to use a condom. Basically, any condom is suitable for oral contact. Wingman condoms are also suitable for oral sex, they are extra thin for a natural feeling and virtually odorless and tasteless. The lubricant on the condom is suitable for consumption. Be sure to use a properly fitting condom and be careful with teeth and any piercings.

When changing from oral to vaginal, it is advisable to use a new condom. Any STD can spread from the vagina to the mouth and throat. New lubricant should be added after oral sex in any case.

Beffing and STDs?

STDs can also be transmitted by eating pussy, the same as with blowjobs. If the woman is menstruating, there is an increased risk of HIV infection due to the blood. To protect yourself against STDs, Herpes and HPV (both the giver and receiver) you can use a beflap, which is a kind of rubber 'cloth' that you put over the vagina so that there is no direct contact between the mucous membranes of the mouth and the sexual organ. You can also make your own beflap by cutting open a condom.