What problems can you get when using a condom?

Good! You use a condom during sex! Unfortunately, some problems can always arise when you have sex with a condom. However, often these problems are easily preventable. In this article you will read what the most common problems with condoms are and how you can solve them.

  • The penis is not hard: with a flaccid penis, the penis will 'slip', due to the slight pressure exerted on the head of the penis. The penis must be hard to provide sufficient back pressure during the unrolling process. When hard, the condom slides easily around it.
  • Wrong way round: if you put a condom on the wrong way, it will not unroll. With a regular condom, you can tell by the way the condom is rolled up. With a Wingman condom, this is easier to see: the logo on the wings should point upward. This logo in the shape of a "w" can be clearly seen and felt. However, should you have already tried the condom the wrong way around, you will need to use a new condom to prevent the precum with which the outside of the wrongly used condom has been in contact from still leading to an STD or unwanted pregnancy. Read here to learn more about how to properly put on a condom.
  • The condom is too big: if the condom is too big in relation to the circumference of the hard penis, unrolling will work, but the condom will then be loose around the penis, causing it to easily slip off again. Read more about how to determine your condom size here.
  • The condom is too small: if the condom is too small in relation to the circumference of the erect penis, you will experience too much resistance when putting it on. Read more about how to determine your condom size here.
  • With Wingman condoms, the wings can come off if you don't push down both wings of your Wingman. If you only hold down 1 wing, the condom can come off the wings prematurely. Pushing down both wings of a Wingman can be done with either 1 hand or 2 hands.
  • The condom gets stuck: with a regular condom, the ring sometimes gets stuck under the head of the penis, before unrolling over the foreskin and the rest of the penis. With a Wingman, you don't have this problem. To be able to roll the condom further, it's best to gently stretch the condom a bit with your fingers (so preferably you'll need an extra hand to do that, holding the nipple closed) to lift it over the threshold and then unroll it further. A slightly larger or more flexible condom can also help. Try a number of brands until you get one that works well.

What should I do when irritations arise during sex?

Acute irritation:
- Check that the width size of your condom is appropriate for the circumference of your erection. A condom size that is too small can pinch too much. Read more about how to determine your condom size here. You may be allergic to latex. For people with an allergy to latex, there are plastic condoms on the market, examples include Durex Avanti and Protex Original.

- See your doctor to be on the safe side if you are concerned for any reason that you or your partner may have become pregnant or infected after all.