What size condom do I have?

Condoms come in different shapes and sizes. To keep sex as safe as possible, it is important that you choose the right size condom. In this article, you can read more about the different types of condoms and read about how to choose the right condom size.

Condoms come in different shapes and sizes

The standard condom has a straight shape with a nominal width of 52-54 mm. Condoms with a flared model are wider at the head of the condom. Condoms with a contour model have approximately the shape of the penis. In addition, there are condoms with a cap or ribbed structure, but that does not affect the size or shape.

The difference between small and large condoms is mainly in the width of condoms; the width size. Most condoms have a length of about 20 centimeters. For most men, this is more than enough. However, for large-breasted men, there are XL condoms. Besides being wider, these condoms are also a bit longer.

How do I know what condom size I have?

You can measure the size and shape condom you need. In terms of shape, it's a bit of logical reasoning: if your glans is quite large, take a flared model. If you see the same shape in your penis as the contour model condom, then it might be a good fit.

With condom size, we look at the circumference of the penis when erect . To measure your condom size, it is helpful that you find measuring tape made of paper or fabric that you can both wrap around your penis and hold along your penis.

You measure the circumference by wrapping a tape measure around the center of your penis in the hard state and then measuring the size. If your penis is not the same thickness everywhere, measure the girth at the thinnest and thickest point of your penis. For length, simply measure from the base to the tip.

In the table below you can see which size condom goes with which circumference. Larger sizes tend to be slightly longer too, but if your penis is 20 centimeters or longer, you need to make sure your condoms are long enough.

Tabel met condoomgroottes gemeten naar omtrek penis


In de tabel kan je aflezen welke maat condoom hoort bij welke omtrek. Grotere maten zijn vaak ook al iets langer, maar als je penis 20 centimeter of langer is, moet je wel opletten dat je condooms lang genoeg zijn.

What size is a Wingman condom?

Wingman is available in the most common size in northern Europe: a nominal width of 56 mm. This is the width of the condom measured when the condom lies flat on the table. Most standard condoms in northern Europe have a nominal width of 52-54 mm, so the Wingman is already slightly wider and thus better suited to the average penis size of northern european men. This width size of 56mm is optimally suited for a penis with an erection circumference of 11.5 to 12 cm.

It is also a matter of trial and error, just like with clothing. So buy a small pack if you are not quite sure which condom size fits you best. If they don't fit, give them to someone else.

Wingman is revolutionary compared to traditional condoms. Wingman is literally a snap to put on and is ultra-thin. This means no unnecessary distractions during sex, convenience and ultimate feeling!

Condom too big?

Do you feel like your condom is too big? A condom is supposed to sit directly on the skin. The material is very stretchy and firm, so it should fit like a second skin. The condom is therefore the safest and most comfortable to use; a condom that is too small pinches and can tear faster, and a condom that is too large moves and can slip off.

Is the condom on you loose (in some places)? If so, your condom is probably too big for your penis. So take a look at the nominal width of the condom that is too big for you and next time order a condom with a smaller nominal width. You probably don't need to look at the length, since you just unroll a condom as far as you need to.