Sex with or without a condom?

The moment the clothes fly off your bodies may not be the time you want to think about the consequences of unsafe sex, but you might regret it afterwards.

Sex is meant to make babies and so that can happen when you have sex. In addition, there are Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STDs are relatively treatable these days (not all STDs are curable), but can still have nasty and lasting consequences. So reason to think before and the moment you share bed (or couch/floor/kitchen table) with someone.

Whether to use a condom depends on the situation and your personal preference and that of your partner. For casual contact, it is always recommended to use a condom. In a relationship where STDs are ruled out, you might opt for another form of contraception.

What can you do ahead of time to make sure you use a condom during sex?

To avoid not having a condom with you when the time comes, we have written down some tips that can help you with that.

Preparation is half the battle

Good preparation is important: having condoms on hand and having decided in advance that you are going to use them. Make sure you have at least three pieces of your favorite condoms at home and/or carry them with you in your bag/coat pocket. In addition, be sure that you only want to have sex with a condom. Condoms are often forgotten when people are drunk or high. If you have clearly agreed with yourself to use a condom during sex, you are less likely to forget.


Make sure your partner knows that you only want to have sex with a condom. Discuss this clearly with your partner before you have sex, don't wait for someone else to happily get started without a condom.

Of course, this is easier said than done. What if your partner doesn't think a condom is necessary?Someone saying that to you may upset you. Realize that you are the boss of your own body. After all, sometimes people don't know they have an STD and sometimes they simply don't think about the consequences of unsafe sex.

How do you discuss with your partner that you only want sex with a condom?

When someone starts a whole discussion about condom use at the moment surprême, it's a mood-killer. In preparation for someone who is not so keen on condoms, we have prepared some arguments on the most common questions so you know exactly what to answer and can get on with sex quickly :).

I don't have condoms.

- I thankfully do!

Why a condom?

- Missed sex education lesson 1? Protection against STDs and

I'm/you're on the pill, so we don't need a condom.

- I still prefer to use
a condom too, just to be safe. Safer for both of us.

You don't trust me?

- It has nothing to do with
trust, because you can have an STD without knowing it yourself and the
pill is not 100% either.

Sex doesn't feel as good with a condom.

- Do you think so? Ok. I prefer to use a condom anyway, it's safer. Besides,
a Wingman Condom is ultra thin so sex feels just as good as if it were without one.

I find it an annoying interruption and lose all appetite because of a

- That's why I have a Wingman, you have it on before you realize it and you barely feel it ;).

I can't cum with a condom.

- Then we finish by hand.

We can pull out before ejaculation.

- That's too risky (you might as well get an STD and pregnancy
) and not very sexy either. We're better off just using a condom.

Just one time without a condom.

- If we plan to have sex more than 1 time and we want that
without condom, we can both test ourselves first and make sure we have good

I have an allergy to condoms.

- Then I hope you have
latex-free condoms with you.

Condoms don't fit me.

- There is a suitable condom for everyone so that's no excuse.

If a condom affects your erection it obviously creates
insecurity and interruption of love play, well logically you wouldn't want that
but unsafe sex is not a good alternative. You can make it as easy and pleasurable as possible for someone who
is having trouble with condoms. That's also a
goal of Wingman Condoms; less hassle and more feeling!

Prefer it without a condom?

If you both prefer to have sex without a condom, it is at your own risk. Realize that you can catch something that will damage your health, incur medical expenses and infect others.

If you get into a relationship and want to proceed without a condom, get both of you tested first and get proper birth control (unless you want kids, of course).