How to make first-time sex a pleasant and safe experience

Are you expecting to have sex for the first time soon? That's an exciting time!

Even if you know what first-time sex entails, it will be exciting and probably not perfect. To maximize the chances of having a pleasant experience, though, it's worth preparing for it and waiting a while. Make sure you are sure of yourself and the other person that you want sex with each other. In this, be clear to the other person and honest with yourself. Do not be persuaded, it is your first time and you are the one who decides if this is the person and the moment. On Sense. info you can read more about whether you are really ready.

Tips for the first time

  • Choose a place and time where you will not be disturbed. To get in the mood more easily, you can make it atmospheric, for example, with music and candles. Candlelight or a dimmed lamp is nice light where you can see each other but it is not too bright.
  • Warm each other up by kissing, caressing and feeling your bodies against each other. Guys tend to get aroused faster than girls. So take the time to get your friend in the mood, paying attention to her whole body.
  • Ask your partner if they like what you are doing. Don't assume that the other
    wants and likes the same thing you do.
  • Is he or she nervous or insecure? Say sweet things, keep the atmosphere relaxed,
    casual and relaxed. Do you see that your partner doesn't want to continue or does
    he/she indicate that himself/herself? Respect that. Even if you said beforehand
    that you were going to have sex, someone may change their mind.
  • Penetration can hurt, but it doesn't have to if you make sure there is enough moisture/lubricant and relax properly. Therefore, do this very gently and slowly. The missionary position is nice for this because you can see each other and both
    partners can direct the penis. You can slowly increase the speed and depth of penetration
    when you both notice it is going well.
  • Don't pretend to cum. For some people, the excitement and "strange" touch is not enough to cum. Getting ready is not an obligation. Can you do it if you do it yourself? Try that, that way your partner also sees how you do it.
  • Keep it lighthearted, laughter is allowed. The first time you are probably a little
    nervous and things happen anyway that are embarrassing during sex so it's better to laugh about that

Do it safely the first time

Safe sex is sex with protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (diseases of the genitals) and/or pregnancy. The easiest way to have safe sex is the condom, which you can just buy online or in stores. The condom is also the only way to protect against STDs. To be on the safe side, it is best to use a condom anyway, even if you are both still virgins. Of course, you don't want your first time to bring you something nasty.

Make sure you have condoms at home and that the girl is on the pill. This way you can prevent pregnancy and STDs. For boys who are going to have anal sex, we recommend a condom and extra lubricant.

Do you want convenience and extra safety? Then we recommend the Wingman Condom. Wingman Condoms are specially designed for an extra safe and better sex experience. There are convenient little wings around the condom that allow you to put the condom on easily, without touching the condom. Because you do not touch the Wingman Condom when putting it on, the transmission of STDs is less than with traditional condoms.

With condoms, it's best to practice a little before having sex with them for the first time. Watch carefully how to put them on and try that on yourself a few times when you masturbate. Want to know more about how to put on a condom? Then read the step-by-step guide to putting on a condom the right way.