Sex when you or your partner is on your period

One woman thinks "no thanks," the other, on the contrary, has an extra appetite for sex during the menstrual period. For some it is extra delicious, for others it hurts. So there is no rule of thumb. If you feel like extra sex during your period, it is a matter of trying. Most men do not have a problem with it, but there are some who do not like it. So consult with your partner and take proper precautions against possible blood stains and your safety.

Because blood is involved, sex during menstruation is slightly different from sex outside that period. If one of you has HIV then sex during menstruation is not recommended because HIV is transmitted mainly through blood. So during your or your partner's period, the chances of HIV being transmitted to your partner are a lot higher. For other STDs, it does not matter if you have unprotected sex when you have your period: you have just as much/little risk as the rest of the month.

You can also just get pregnant, because sperm cells can survive in your body for several days and combined with early ovulation can lead to a baby. If you are on the pill or using a nuvaring then this does not apply, even during the stop week you are then protected against pregnancy.

Tips for sex during menstruation

Would you like to have sex just as much when you or your partner is menstruating? So you certainly can. However, please consider each other's safety. We have put together the following tips to make it an enjoyable and safe experience:

  • Pay attention to your safety and that of your partner, you are at just as much risk of an STD
    as usual, you can get pregnant and you are at much higher risk of HIV. Condoms are
  • Wash well beforehand with lukewarm water.
  • Have sex in the shower, then you are rid of many "problems" at once.
  • Use a dark towel to lie on, and wash right after sex with cold water.
  • Keep wet wipes or a wet washcloth or towel nearby for a quick wipe down in between.
  • If penetration (into the vagina) is not necessary for you or your partner does not like it,
    you can receive other sexual acts with a tampon in and
    perform them.
  • Condoms make cleaning easier! Wingman Condoms are specially designed for an extra safe and better sex experience. There are convenient little wings around
    the condom making it easy to put the condom on without your
    touching the condom. Because you do not touch the Wingman Condom when putting it on
    the transmission of STDs is less than with traditional condoms.