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Daarom vinden vrouwen Wingman geweldig!

That's why women love Wingman!

Are you currently focusing on the most appropriate contraception method? The latest condom shape certainly cannot be missed. Read Maaike's story here. She doesn't want anything else now.

Start contraception

“When I was 14 I started birth control. The main reason was that I got a boyfriend. But it also seemed relaxing to me to regulate my periods, so I opted for the pill. It was a logical choice for me because my mother had used it and was happy with it.

I was, although after a while I noticed that I had headaches more often and that my libido was lower than normal. I suspected that I might be sensitive to the hormones in my pill. On the advice of the doctor, I switched to an IUD, with fewer hormones, but the mood swings, crying fits, headaches and nausea remained. There had to be another way, right? I wanted my sex drive back.”

Switch to condoms

“I started reading a lot about contraception online, including experiences from other women. That's how I came up with the idea of ​​trying it without hormones for a while, and I and my boyfriend decided to opt for condoms. That went well.

Of course, I'm not sure if there is a link with the absence of hormones, but I do know that I felt much more energetic. And I felt like having sex more.”

Fear of a mood killer

“Before I started using condoms, I wondered if they weren't mood killers. If you're just having fun, you should grab a condom. Actually, when I'm about to have sex, I don't want to be busy with other things and be interrupted.

My boyfriend and I started reading up on different types of condoms and that's how we came across the Wingman. This is a condom with a kind of clip on it that you hold onto when it comes out of the package. You then use this clip to easily place the condom on the penis and roll it off. See the step-by-step plan above.

The great thing is that you don't touch the condom with your hands and it comes on quite quickly. Putting it on does not feel like a big interruption for us, but it is nice. We now have them ready under our bed and it is usually my boyfriend who puts them on.”


“I believe that you have sex for pleasure and that is why contraception should also be easy to use. Condoms may take some getting used to at first. Although I always make sure that the condom is on properly and check after sex whether everything has stayed in place, I am now actually sure that it is properly on the penis.

I have never experienced that this was not the case and that is certainly an advantage. The use is now completely in our system, and for my friend and me this is an excellent solution. He's even more excited than I am. I have now recommended these Wingman condoms to all my friends.”

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