FHM: "3 reasons why the Wingman is cooler than all other condoms"

After hours of chatting in the pub, getting drinks and complimenting her beautiful smile, you finally succeeded: she is coming home with you! Class boy. Then you arrive at the next level: do you have condoms at home? The well-known rubber that saves you from medical visits and changing diapers. No brainer. Now there is a new player in town with the Wingman, we tested it for you and found three reasons why it is cooler than all other condoms.

1. Convenience
Rarely have we had a condom in our hands (first in our hands, step by step) that could be placed so smoothly and quickly around our hard bobber. You take the condom, tear open the package like a wild tiger on the savannah and with one hand you slide it smoothly around your sergeant major. Because you slide it on so smoothly, you can also easily put it on in the dark, where you remain in the heat of the moment and no percentage of horniness is lost because you are messing around with a condom. You stay in that wonderful we-want-each-other-right-now flow.

Wingman condoms wings

2. Wings
The ADHD drink with the red bull gives you wings, the Wingman has wings. Literal. This means it fully lives up to its name. But is it useful? The answer is a resounding yes. It's precisely because of those wings that you can easily slide it around your dick, so it really adds value. Scientific research has shown that 30% of condom use goes wrong, all problems are solved by the wings of the Wingman.

Wingman condoms

3. Thin
This has another positive consequence, because because the Wingman is so easy to apply, they are able to make a super thin condom. The thinner the rubber, the more feeling in your boy, the better sex you have. Of course it is always better without a condom, but if you use a condom, let it be one that gives you the most pleasure: the Wingman.

You can order Wingman trial packages here, so that you can experience for yourself how easy the Wingman is. These packages consist of 3 condoms. 1 to try when the light is on, just feel and see how simple the clip is. The others to experience them with the lights off during the real work.

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